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If you’re wondering why your marketing efforts just aren’t panning out, take heart. It’s not you, it’s just that marketing for dental implants isn’t easy. Maybe your current marketing company hasn’t done much dental implant marketing. Luckily, New Tab Marketing has a strong history of proven results for full arch cases. Ready to learn more about why you should trust us to be your All-On-4 marketing company?

Extreme Dental Implant Marketing Experience

Through a multifaceted approach, including Google Ads management, SEO, and website development, New Tab’s team knows how to help prospective clients find your services. Rather than overwhelming lists of leads, we’ll bring you qualified leads that result in high value procedures.

If that sounds too good to be true, consider our experience. We’ve managed millions of dollars in traditional and digital marketing campaigns related to dental implants across the country. This has led to over 14,000 qualified leads that generated more than 700 procedures.

In fact, check out the results from a recent 30-day Google Ads campaign: 940,000 impressions, 33,000 site visits, and most importantly 2,000 leads. The Return on Investment (ROI) on this one-month campaign is worth millions!

Best All-on-4 Marketing Company

Benefits of Outsourcing All-On-4 Dental Implant Marketing

Does your oral surgery practice already have steady, high volume, pre-qualified leads? If not, can you imagine what your practice would look like if you were able to market it correctly?

Turning a handsome profit and providing jobs for your employees isn’t the only result; it’s about serving your community! Many patients may feel unsettled at the idea of oral surgery, which can cause them to put it off even longer.

If you are a doctor providing dental implants, your community desperately needs to know about the important service you provide! As a full-scope agency, New Tab Marketing provides custom solutions for dental and oral surgery practices around the country.

Expert All-On-4 Marketing Company

There are so many patients who are looking to have their life changed by transformative procedures! But today’s economy means customers are more careful than ever; this means you have to be smarter with your marketing budget.

If you’re ready for your dental implant practice to grow, connect with New Tab Marketing to learn about our measurable, trackable, and laser focused approach.

Don’t get caught in a long term contract with a marketing agency that doesn’t understand dental implants. Work with New Tab Marketing on a month-to-month basis for your dental implant marketing needs! Contact us today.

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