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Digital Marketing Agency - Social Media
Digital Marketing Agency - Social Media

Our social media campaigns aren’t just good, they’re strategic.

The new frontier

Social media is the new frontier of marketing. With new algorithms and processes comes fluctuating trends in the industry that may seem daunting. However, you can count on New Tab Marketing to keep up with the latest approaches to social media, with a constant pulse on these ever-changing tools.

We start with both a Content Creation Strategy and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Strategy, then we may implement paid advertisements in order to achieve audience growth.

We have produced over 6 million organic views through social campaigns.

Audience Growth
Audience growth is the process of gaining more followers, engagement, likes, and subscribers. We have successfully built and maintained audiences that become recurring customers. We can double your revenue through organic and paid social media strategies.

Paid Advertisements
Are you interested in building Landing Pages and running ads to them? We’ve spent over $1M in adspend on Google Ads, learning all the quirks and tricks so you don’t have to.

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