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New Tab’s founder, Trent Packer, has always been passionate about creating high quality content. This came to life in his production company, Packer Films, which gave him a chance to hone his skills.

Trent’s approach is rooted in an unrivaled care for his staff and clients. Honest, flexible, and knowledgeable, Trent is dedicated to producing positive returns through the combination of creativity and data driven analysis.

With the support of his partner in business and life, Amber, Trent continually brings a fresh view to the marketing industry. When you add an expert like Trent to your team, you can be sure of the results; after all, he only succeeds when you do.

Meet the team behind it all

New Tab Marketing Office Manager


Sarah is your go-to gal for all accounting for New Tab Marketing. Whether that is credit, debits or whipping transactions into shape, she handles it. If you have questions about your account, she can be reached at [email protected].

General Questions:

New Tab Marketing Creative Director


With a keen eye and deep understanding of effective design, Makenzie is a skilled graphic designer that works alongside clients to whip up website designs, branding, and other print and digital materials that will make your business shine. She is responsive, and at the ready to start your project and make you stand out from the crowd.

New Tab Marketing Ads Specialist


Tyler analyzes and refines client data and systems. He is Google Ads Search Certified and has brought a high return on investment for clients by gathering, analyzing, and presenting client’s advertising data in a way which provokes action.

He has a masters degree from Brigham Young University in Information Systems Management, and has done data and financial analysis for multiple hospitals in Utah and California.

New Tab Marketing Project Manager


Rodel is a results-driven Project Manager who knows how to bring technical expertise and passion to enhance your online presence. Rodel knows the secrets to optimizing your Google business profile, creating converting websites, and managing social media campaigns.

His skills include creating engaging content, building social media profiles, analyzing and optimizing campaigns, and optimizing websites for qualified traffic will take your online presence to the next level. In addition, with a deep understanding of user experience, he knows what it takes to connect with your audience and achieve success.

New Tab Marketing Copy Writer


Catherine’s writing experience is rooted in supporting others. In addition to creating curriculum and writing grants for non-profit organizations, she has enjoyed tutoring college students and providing ghost-writing services.

Whether she is writing blogs to boost SEO, creating website copy, or drafting emails, she’s grateful for the chance to help bring people together.


Ryan is a website design and development executive with strong creative instinct and business acumen merged with superior client service skills. Ryan has a strong knowledge of the creative process and advertising channels, as well as supporting back-end technology.

New Tab Marketing Web Developer


John is a highly skilled and experienced full-stack web developer with over 15 years of expertise in WordPress development. With a comprehensive set of technical skills in PHP, HTML5, bootstrap, Shopify, Magento, multisite, multivendor, WooCommerce, eCommerce, and basic Laravel. In addition John is capable of building websites from scratch or using popular platforms like WordPress.

New Tab Marketing Web Developer


Glenn is a skilled and versatile WordPress web developer with a technical background in PHP, Java, and more. With expertise in web content management systems, Glenn is well-equipped to plan, create and maintain desktop and web applications.

Having a deep understanding of the latest design trends. Most importantly Glenn creates visually appealing and functional websites, and is always up to date with the latest industry advancements.

New Tab Marketing Video Editor


Harvey is a highly experienced video editor with a passion for creating stories and a talent for motion graphics. He brings a unique blend of expertise in video editing, graphic design, and video production to every project.

In conclusion he is a fast learner and a hard worker, always staying up to date with the latest cutting-edge development tools and procedures.

New Tab Marketing Local Search Specialist


Ana May is a budding Local Search Specialist with a fire to help businesses and individuals shine online. Although new to the game, she’s eager to learn and grow, managing Google business profiles and creating content that captivates.

With a desire to optimize every strategy, Ana is determined to drive traffic and spark customer action. When not honing her skills, she stays on top of industry trends and actively seeks out new ways to make a difference.

New Tab Marketing SEO Specialist


Jeric is a dynamic SEO specialist and researches keywords and industry trends to identify opportunities for improving search engine visibility. With a focus on performance and analytics, Jeric keeps track of website performance and reports findings to the team, helping to create and update website content for SEO and manage online advertising campaigns. 

Most importantly he stays ahead of the game by monitoring and analyzing the competition, keeping up-to-date with the latest SEO trends and algorithms, and creating and maintaining SEO documentation and standards. 

Brand promise

We pride ourselves on open communication with clients from start to finish.
New Tab Marketing works to meet your goals through creative means, and
open communication throughout the whole process.

Most marketing agencies are focused on quickly pushing out work that fails to
achieve what the client was originally looking for. However, here at New Tab
Marketing, we base our plan of action on the client’s needs and goals.

We find solutions to your problems before you even realize there
was a problem.

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Forget your typical cookie-cutter marketing agencies because we are far from it. New Tab Marketing is dedicated to continue growing while maintaining a rich culture that encourages creativity on a daily basis.

We pledge to continue producing high quality, creative content that uplifts clients to their very best state.


At New Tab Marketing, we work to achieve goals clients only dreamed of. We meet clients’ goals by making them our top priority while communicating with them throughout the whole process. At every step of the way, clients know exactly what is happening.

By the end of the process, we hope to see growth in our clients because we only grow when our clients grow. It’s all about finding the right path to take, reaching the top, and conquering your marketing goals. Forging long term relationships that are mutually beneficial.

In a sentence:

Grow alongside clients
through the
creative process of
digital marketing
to produce end
results that checks
every goal.

In a sentence:

Grow alongside clients
through the
creative process of
digital marketing
to produce end
results that checks
every goal.


We know that one approach won’t work for every situation. Unlike most agencies, we work together as a team to create a well thought-out plan that’s specific to each client’s needs.

We start off with a situational analysis:

What is your audience demographic?
Where is the need for your product?
What is working for your competitors?

Once we have the answers, we gather the necessary data to design a strategic digital marketing plan that provides you with the results you’re looking for.

Strategize, Convert, Profit.

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Why work with us?

Our commitment to you and your company is unparalleled. To get the greatest results, we utilize industry-leading tools. We not only keep our promises, but seek to exceed your expectations.

We take great pride in our work, especially in its ability to represent your company well. Let us take the pressure of marketing off your shoulders.

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