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Master Your Dental Implant Advertising

Want to see more qualified leads result from your dental implant advertising efforts? Join the club. Trying to master dental implant advertising is no easy feat. However, consider the following basics to ensure you’re on the right path.


Set Specific Dental Implant Advertising Goals

In most businesses, including dental practices, it’s important to start with where you are. How much do you know about the surrounding community? What are common approaches to advertising that grab your attention?

As you consider what’s happening in the business climate around you, think about what your precise objective is. Is it that you want to gain more dental implant leads? Or perhaps your goal is to find more patients needing full arch procedures.


Know Your Dental Implant Market

Once you have a strong grasp on your primary goal and the surrounding area, it’s important to narrow in on the geographical focus of your advertising. Some zip codes perform better than others, so it’s important to pick zip codes wisely. Where do folks who need dental implants live?

If you’re not sure where to start, go with your gut instinct. Then, after a month you can review the data and see if your instinct was correct — or adjust accordingly.

Dental Implant Advertising


Analyze Your Dental Implant Competition

The more you dig into your specific advertising practices, you’ll start to notice what your competitors are doing. This is good! Learn all you can about what neighboring dental practices are doing!

In fact, New Tab Marketing provides a free tool to help you do this: COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS. This intensive swipe file will show you any competitor’s digital marketing strategy data. Reveal their Google Ads, keyword strategy, and unlock their Facebook ads.

In fact, you can even get a rating report on your competitor’s website SEO, usability, and performance. The amount of data you can view is mind-blowing!


Understand your Advertising Budget

Next, it’s not only important to determine the extent of your marketing budget, but set appropriate expectations for the results. For example, acquiring a new dental implant patient generally costs about $3,000 – $3,500. If that number is shocking, feel free to download this free DENTAL IMPLANT ROI CALCULATOR and play with the numbers. Also, you can check out this video for more info.


Get Ready to Welcome Patients

With all the previous steps checked off, your final task is to make sure your dental practice is ready to handle all the leads that are about to come in! A few ways to help you manage leads include:

– Use a CRM like Go High Level

Track phone numbers to measure effectiveness

– Use Google Analytics and FB Pixels


In addition, make sure you’re prepared to welcome patients into your office. When someone walks in, will they feel confident in the service you’re about to provide them? Make sure patients know that you are capable of delivering a new smile! The following is a good place to start:

– Waiting room has printed material to showcase your work

Clean and welcoming environment

– Consultation room has models and printed material to send home with prospective patients to help make their decision

– A strong team member to welcome patients and provide info (this is critical to achieving a good closing rating!)


Grow Your Dental Implant Practice Sustainably

The above steps will get you going, but the truth is this: You won’t master dental implant advertising unless you’re committed to reviewing and refreshing these efforts every month. Without analyzing what’s working and not working, you’re just throwing money away.

If you’re ready to focus on some other aspect of the business, it’s time to add a dental marketing expert to your team. Work with New Tab Marketing if you’re interested in a cost-effective way forward. No long term contracts, just long term satisfied clients.

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