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Marketing Strategy Isn’t Working

When it comes to successful business advertising, it can be hard to find the right combination of marketing approaches for your ideal result. Between digital marketing and traditional advertising, the options are limitless. What’s the right recipe that will make your business come to life? If you aren’t seeing a strong return on your investment (ROI) and your marketing strategy isn’t working, you definitely don’t want to stick with the same old approach. But what’s next? How can you get the Conversation Rate you’re looking for?

Explore New Advertising Approaches

If your marketing strategy isn’t working, it’s time to PIVOT! If this advice, popularized by Ross in Friends, isn’t all that helpful, consider the following big ideas:

1. Have you tried traditional marketing approaches? This might include printed media, TV advertising, direct mail, participating in local events, and more. This might seem old school, but there might be a place for traditional marketing in your overall strategy.

2. Have you embraced custom digital marketing? Perhaps you have been trying to market online, but are stuck navigating costly ads that don’t seem to be working. If your posts aren’t getting traction, or you’re spending way too much time on your online efforts, something’s gotta give.

Marketing Strategy Isn't working

Consider Professional Marketing Services

It’s important to consider if it is time to expand your team or to subcontract some of your work. Could you be focusing on the parts of your business you love, while engaging experts to use their skills for your benefit?

With New Tab Marketing, it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we offer a variety of services to support you at each stage of your business growth. Whether you are a brick and mortar business, or mostly rely on e-commerce, Web Development is an important place to start. This might even include Branding and Design Services or Content Creation!

Marketing Strategy for Services vs. E-Commerce

In the marketing world, it’s a general rule of thumb that service-based businesses generate the best leads through paid and organic advertising strategies. This is especially true when using Google Ads properly. While this can be an overwhelming thing to get started, as a Google Ads Partner, New Tab Marketing has your back!

On the other end of the spectrum, E-Commerce businesses generally benefit from driving sales through Google Merchant, SEO, Paid Ads (including PPC), and the use of Influencers. By harnessing the power of Social Media, you’ll be well on your way to the ROI you’re looking for. The question is if you have both the time and know-how to do it well.

Current Strategy Not Working? Increase your Conversion Rate

If all this makes sense but you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s definitely time to give New Tab Marketing a call. The truth is, you should be thrilled with the results of your marketing efforts — whether they are in-house or subcontracted.

If you aren’t truly excited about your current marketing strategy, it’s definitely time to pivot. Schedule a free Discovery Call and let’s make a plan for advertising that makes your dreams come true.

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