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If you are looking for a full arch marketing company, allow me to share a story of a dentist who was just like you. In the end, the goal is help you consider partnering with New Tab Marketing.

Let me start with a story from a couple of weeks ago. I flew from Utah to Texas to meet a GP who is making a dramatic shift to only offering cosmetic and dental implants. She is burned out from running two locations that offer a wide range of services, while only performing a handful of the dental implant cases she loves.

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Now, this provider is extremely talented. She travels the country seeking the best mentors and finds great joy in the patient outcomes. The only thing missing was a dental implant marketing company that could help her reach her goals. With only a handful of strong marketing agencies that specialize in dental implants, she interviewed them all. She walked away thinking that only the biggest one could give her the best chance of bringing her dreams to life. She didn’t have a good feeling about them, but was desperate. So the expensive, 12-month contract sat on her desk for a couple days as she navigated a loan and gathered the courage to sign it.

When her associate surgeon happened to call, she shared her predicament. He mentioned that some of his friends had hired that agency, and after spending close to six figures, only a single implant procedure resulted….and no full arch cases. While the agency benefited, his friends were left to foot the bill with no return on investment.

Full Arch Marketing Company

Disappointed, she knew she couldn’t take the gamble of signing the iron-clad 12-month contract. Unwilling to give up on her goal, she started to scour the internet for a company that would work for her. Someone that would provide the a la carte marketing content and strategy she needed. New Tab Marketing was smaller than the other companies that caught her attention, and she hadn’t heard of it before. As she poured through the website of the Utah-based agency, she read their testimonials, watched their videos, and picked up the phone.

Discovery Call with New Tab Marketing

That first call was about 40 minutes long. We discussed her needs, where she was at, and what she wanted to get done. She asked pointed questions and wanted to know the full cost of executing the complex marketing strategy she needed. We decided the next step was completing a digital marketing analysis, which would produce data showing her competitors’ strengths, weaknesses, Google Adspend budget, and reveal their strategies. She pulled the trigger on this one-time service and we arranged a meeting for the following week. I asked her to set aside an hour so we could really dig in and demystify how her competitors are at the top of the market.

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This meeting was as exciting for her as it was for me. I had personally curated data from multiple software reports, keyword research, and her competitors’ strategy. With this data, we began to envision how she could have a place at the table. I created a custom proposal to get her there, and without hesitation she hired our team. There was no long-term contract, and no need for her to take out a loan.

That was a few months ago. We continue to be excited about the way New Tab is functioning like a feather in her hat, not a millstone around her neck. Just like our other 40 active clients, she sees us execute the plan we’ve agreed to and the results we anticipated.

The Offer: I want to give you the real data of how your competitors are at the top. This report goes far beyond the surface, revealing the methods your competition is marketing their services. This is a game-changer you’d be crazy to ignore. By studying your competitors, we can follow their strengths, exploit where they are weak, and capitalize on your competitive advantage.

Full Arch Digital Marketing Analysis

The following is what you will receive as a result of our thorough digital marketing analysis of your company:

1. Competitor Insights: We research and analyze the top 5-7 competitors in your industry, uncovering their digital marketing strategies to give you a competitive edge.

2. SEO Strategy Assessment: We identify and evaluate your competitors’ SEO strategies through a keyword analysis. This helps you understand their strengths and weaknesses.

3. Google Ad Spend Estimation: We approximate your competitors’ Google Ad spend, giving you valuable insights into their advertising efforts.

4. Website Health Check: We perform a detailed assessment of your website’s health, identifying any issues that might be affecting its performance.

5. SEO Grade: Our team will provide an SEO grade for your website, helping you gauge its current effectiveness.

6. Social Media Health: Finally, we’ll look at your social media habits and assess your strategy.

7. After the report is complete (7 business day turn-around) you will meet with me personally via video. I will present the data to you and your team, answer questions, and discuss how to improve your marketing.

This service is typically offered for $950, but we are excited to help you jumpstart your new year and are making this available to select clients for $399 for a short time. Simply mention this offer in the form to claim this discounted service.

Hire New Tab Marketing a full arch dental marketing company

If you operate a General Practice, Dental Implant Center, or Oral Surgery office that is committed to provide extremely positive results for your patients, this is designed for you. Please note, marketing results are generally most effective if the practice is located in an metro area.

Who is New Tab Marketing? We are ordinary people who provide extraordinary marketing for our clients. We hope to be known as an ROI-focused agency that, instead of long-term contracts, relies on honestly executing data-based strategies that help you reach your goals. Located in Utah, we work with dozens of dental practice clients across the country.

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