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Dental Implant Machine Alternative

Want more dental implant patients?

Your oral surgery or dental practice may not be performing like you had expected, and you’re considering what needs to change in order to protect the income you and your staff rely on. However, the search for a dental marketing agency can be overwhelming…especially as each one promises their superiority and says they’ll make all your dreams come true. But where does that leave you? Let’s take a beat and consider a true alternative to big marketing companies like Dental Implant Machine.

dental implant machine alternative

In the field of dental marketing, Dental Implant Machine makes some pretty big promises. While they claim to avoid long-term contracts, the additional fees that will be necessary for their coaching services seem suspicious.

New Tab Marketing, on the other hand, offers a different approach — one that’s focused on true teamwork with your leadership and the unique context and situation you are in. For New Tab, innovation isn’t just a buzz word but part of our everyday, customized work.

As a reliable alternative to Dental Implant Machine, New Tab Marketing is the dental marketing expert you’ve been looking for. Consider the following basics of our approach:

+ ROI Focused

+ Data Reporting

+ Open Communication

+ Full Scope

+ No Long-term Contracts

Dental Implant Machine Alternative

Proven Results without Long-Term Contracts

Rather than pursuing long-term contracts, the team at New Tab Marketing spends its time staying on top of current marketing trends and honing our tried and true skills. Whether you’re just starting out, need a jumpstart on your brand or website optimization, or are ready for a major marketing campaign, we got you.


New Tab is ready to meet you wherever you’re at today, ready to take on tomorrow with enthusiasm and expertise. After all, at New Tab we take on select clients who we are excited to go to bat for; we’ll help you meet your goals, no matter what it takes.


The truth is, as a smaller agency than Dental Implant Machine, we have a higher commitment to your success and ensure you’ll have the needed bandwidth from our diverse team. Set yourself apart from other oral surgeons, with a marketing partner that’s focused on hard data, building a strong client relationship, and navigating a constantly changing world.

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Over the last five years, New Tab Marketing has spent millions in ad dollars and generated tens of millions of organic and paid views for our clients. We take a cost-effective approach that results in a strong pipeline of new patients for our clients.


If you are looking for more big cases — from high-quality, high-dollar leads — as well as sustained growth for the years to come, New Tab is your new favorite business partner. Ready to hear about how we can serve you? Contact us today at 801-210-1417 or [email protected] to set up a free 30 minute consultation with our team.

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