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Do you need more dental implant cases? Are you looking for the right dental implant marketing company? Then you are in the right place. The success of your oral surgery office, DSO, or General Dentistry practice doesn’t just impact your doctors, assistants, and administrative staff, but also your investors. With this in mind, selecting the right and best dental implant marketing company is perhaps one of your most important decisions.

Consider how partnering with New Tab Marketing, a specialist in dental implant lead generation, will result in a strong pipeline of patients for your business.

Why is New Tab Marketing the Best?

New Tab Marketing doesn’t take the traditional focus on views, impressions, or clicks, but focuses on generating qualified leads. We are a full scope advertising agency with a rich history of working with practices. 

With over two million dollars in ad spend over the past five years, we’ve generated tens of millions of organic and paid views, all with the goal of generating highly qualified leads in a cost-effective way. But we know that impressions, clicks, and views are meaningless if they don’t translate into new patients. So if you are looking for more All-On-4, Full-Arch, big cases New Tab Marketing can bring you qualified patients that need this procedure completed in your area. That’s why we’re dedicated to creating connections between you and your local community, helping patients find the life-changing smile they’ve been looking for.

Our proven ad strategies are just what your practice needs to experience unprecedented growth, and our team of experts will be there every step of the way in the ever-changing landscape of digital and traditional marketing. As a full-scope agency, we’re uniquely positioned to create custom solutions that work for dental and oral surgery practices all across the country.

And the best part? There are no long-term contracts to worry about. We earn our long-term partnerships through hard work and a commitment to your practice’s success. So if you’re ready to help more patients experience the benefits of oral surgery, book a strategy call with New Tab Marketing today.

The Best Dental Implant Marketing Company. New Tab Marketing

Some of the things that set New Tab Marketing apart are:

+ Generated over 14,541 dental implant leads. 

+ Data-Based Decisions

+ Committed team to help you grow

+ Build a brand with rich original content about your dental practice.

+ Build a strong digital marketing campaign that is backed by data. 

+Optimize your account month over month.

The Challenge of Marketing Dental Implants

It’s crucial to find a marketing company that actually knows how to market dental implants. If you are marketing dental implants that puts you in the “Health Care” industry. This creates challenges with Google, YouTube, and Facebook. You are limited to what type of campaigns and ad creative is allowed in their advertising policy. But having an advertising agency that knows the right way to approach dental implant marketing is critical to be successful. This may seem like a basic requirement, but the truth is marketing dental implants is more challenging than other services. 

This is especially true for those dental offices that try to do it in-house. After all, you’ll need to invest in a strong brand and website with appealing content, discern the right ways to spend big ad dollars and create the pertinent messaging, and so much more.

At the end of the day, there are only a handful of agencies in the country that do a decent job of providing marketing services to dental practices, so it’s important not to waste your time, energy, or money trying to do it yourself or working with a sub-par digital marketing agency.

The Best Dental Implant Marketing Company

When it comes to New Tab Marketing, you’ll have a Google partner that has managed millions of dollars in marketing campaigns for dental practices. and successfully generating tens of millions of organic and paid leads in some of the most competitive markets.

What is the process to gain more dental implant leads?

New Tab’s process is based on years of marketing dental practices. With over 2 million dollars in ad spend just in full arch dental implant marketing, we have narrowed our focus on the advertising avenues that bring in the most qualified patients. Our goal is to bring in a lead at the lowest cost per conversion while still maintaining the quality of that lead. We do this by first identifying your practice’s digital marketing data. We look at your SEO, Paid Ads, and other indicators to understand the market in your area. We do this because we want to first understand where the competition is strong and identify areas that can be used to deploy strategies to be the most effective. We then build a brand around your practice that resonates with your ideal demographic. We craft a message that identifies their pain points to assure them that your dental services can give them the result they are looking for. We then start to curate original content around your practice with images and video. Once sufficient content has been generated, we then deploy digital marketing strategies. We take a multi-pronged approach to provide a well-rounded approach to increase the legitimacy of your practice in the eyes of your future patients. This is where it will start to get exciting. With multiple ad campaigns, we monitor the success and analyze the areas needing improvement. Month over month, we grow alongside you.

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