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Uintah Precision is the industry-leading bolt action upper receiver option for AR rilfes. Revolutionizing the industry, their complete bolt action upper receivers are designed to work with nearly any standard AR assembly.

How it Started

In June of 2018, this division of Uintah Precision had just 3 employees. They wanted to impact the firearm world by adding an accessory to the AR-15 and AR-10 platform.

Their Bolt Action would allow users in restricted states to enjoy their AR-15 with more precision while still being compliant.

This was a new venture that would help them explore new revenue and experience sustainability, as their legacy work in coal plant repairs and fabrication was no longer expanding.


New Opportunities

Recognizing that the design and usability of a website is the number one impact for increasing revenue, we began to explore stronger designs and more efficient pathways through their site.

We made initial changes and are in the process of launching a new design that we expect to have an even greater impact.

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Conversion Rate
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Daily Website Visits
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Services utilized

Website Development

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Magazine Ads + Rebranding

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Content Creation + Television Advertising

Social Media Ad Campaign

Client Reaction

The client recognized the value we brought to the table immediately and can’t imagine anything other than a longterm relationship between our team and theirs.

The Result

Challenges Overcome

Since Google and Meta (Facebook/Instagram) do not allow firearms to be advertised on their platforms, we had to look for other ways to gain traffic.

This called for a more organic approach, utilizing diverse methods of advertising, like magazines, email, and SEO.

Our approach has already resulted in a 428% increase in sales from 2018 to 2023.

The Data

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