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Progressive Dental Marketing Alternative

What’s the Best Approach to Dental Marketing?

Over the last five years, New Tab Marketing has spent millions in ad dollars and generated tens of millions of organic and paid views for our clients. But this is just the beginning of what success looks like. After all, we believe in a cost-effective approach that results in a strong pipeline of new patients for our clients. Does that sound like something you’re interested in? Let’s dive into what sets us apart from other dental marketing agencies, and why New Tab Marketing is a Progressive Dental Marketing alternative.

Progressive Dental Marketing Alternative

When it comes to dental marketing, Progressive Dental focuses on making a sales-person out of you — but New Tab takes a different approach. While New Tab is of course dedicated to helping you generate high-quality, high-dollar leads, our highest goal is to create a customized approach to marketing that ensures the strong and steady growth you’re looking for.

Progressive Dental Marketing Alternative

As a reliable alternative to Progressive Dental, New Tab is the dental marketing expert you’ve been dreaming about. After all, we like to keep it simple:

+ ROI Focused
+ Data Reporting
+ Open Communication
+ Full Scope
+ No Long-term Contracts

Proven Results without Long-Term Contracts

New Tab Marketing isn’t a fan of pushy sales pitches or long-term contracts, but we do know what it takes to create a successful marketing campaign and strategic advertising plan. In fact, the only thing more important to us than backing up our work through hard data is the relationship we build with each client, as we help them navigate a constantly changing world.

We can start small, by improving your brand or optimizing your website, or we can jump into a major campaign. New Tab is ready to meet you wherever you’re at today, ready to take on tomorrow with the expertise and enthusiasm you’ve been missing.

As a smaller agency than Progressive Dental, we partner with select clients in order to have a transformative impact. This means we have a greater bandwidth to serve you, and a higher commitment to your success.

Ditch Progressive Dental Marketing and Book your Free Consultation Today!

From dental implants marketing to helping you gain more full arch cases, New Tab provides a range of services to meet your current and future needs.

Besides, did we mention NO LONG-TERM CONTRACTS? We are focused on earning your business over and over again, rather than relying on contracts to keep clients around.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, learn more or book a consultation. Let’s discuss the dental marketing challenges you’ve been facing and how New Tab can help set you on a financially successful and personally fulfilling trajectory.

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